ICYMI: Senator David Perdue Demands Cost Benefit Analysis of State Department Facility

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations State Department Subcommittee, has been calling for an independent review of a State Department proposal to construct a brand new training center in Virginia, instead of using an established federal training facility in Georgia that could save taxpayers millions of dollars. Senator Perdue led a joint Georgia Delegation letter requesting additional information from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and introduced a provision that was included in the State Department Authorization bill. Similar language was included in the Senate Appropriations process. Recently, Senator Perdue visited the FLETC facility in Brunswick, Georgia and continues to push for Congressional oversight of this process. Read more about Senator Perdue’s efforts below.

The Washington Examiner: “From a business perspective, the lack of transparency coming from the State Department is alarming. If this is the federal government's normal bidding process, it is not surprising Washington cannot complete timely, competitive projects,” Perdue told the Washington Examiner. “Using an existing training facility rather than constructing a brand new, costly facility is clearly the fiscally responsible decision. Given Washington's fiscal crisis, it is absurd we are even having this conversation,” he added. Perdue fought to include a provision in the State Department Authorization Bill in June that called for a neutral review of the decision-making process that led the agency to settle on its plan to build training grounds from scratch. (Southern lawmakers spar over location of State Dept. facility, 7/14/15)

The Brunswick News: U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter, R-1, and Georgia’s two Republican senators — Sens. Johnny Isakson and David Perdue — are doing what they can to get the government to stop and smell the federal debt before creating more debt. They are being assisted by other members of the state’s delegation to Washington, by both Republicans and Democrats. But this is not just a serious issue for those who speak for Georgia. It is a matter of concern for every American and every member of Congress. It is the safety of all and the security of all that is at stake whenever the government starts talking about adding to the mountain of bills we cannot pay with our own labors. (Training center duplication not fiscally responsible, 7/08/15)

Savannah Morning News: Sen. David Perdue announced efforts to get documents from the State Department about cost comparisons between building a training facility in Virginia or using the existing federal facility in Brunswick…“We need an honest cost-benefit analysis of these facilities rather than an apples-to-oranges comparison that hides how much it could cost taxpayers down the road,” he said. “This provision ensures that Congress will see all documents associated with both the OMB and State analysis in a timely fashion.” (Perdue joins quest for State Dept. training estimates, 6/11/15)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia Republican Sen. David Perdue added another log to the flame by getting language into a State Department authorization bill that directs the Obama administration’s Office of Management and Budget to release its internal cost estimate. “Here we have multiple federal agencies giving different cost assessments with no justification. Despite an initial conclusion by OMB that expanding FLETC was the more cost-effective option, the Director of OMB deferred their decision to the State Department, who then decided they wanted a new facility.” (Morning Jolt, 6/10/15)