ICYMI: Highlights From Senator Perdue’s Georgia Visits

ATLANTA, GA – Over the past several weeks, U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) traveled across the state to meet with Georgians. Senator Perdue discussed his efforts to tackle the national debt and address our global security crisis. Here are some highlights from his trip through the Peach State: 

GeorgiaPol.com: Senator Perdue Has a Proposal to Fix the Budget Process: Senator Perdue plans to introduce a bill this month to revise the way budgeting, and by extension appropriations, works. The bill will have three major principles. First, everything the government spends must be in the budget, including what is considered mandatory spending such as Social Security and other entitlements. The second principle is that the annual budget must be approved by both parties and signed into law. Currently, the budget is a resolution that is essentially written by the majority party with little help from the minority, and frequently varies from the President’s proposed budget. Finally, Perdue is calling for severe consequences unless Congress can pass its spending bills in time. (As the New Fiscal Year Approaches Without a Spending Plan, Sen. Perdue Has a Proposal to Fix the Budget Process, 9/6/2016) 

The Augusta Chronicle: U.S. Sen. David Perdue Talks Gridlock in Washington: “On top of a weak economy, trillions of dollars in debt and a government that can’t fund its military, Perdue said, the country is facing a global security crisis. He pointed to the rise of Russia and China and the threats of terrorism from groups such as Islamic State that he said ‘won’t go away easily.’” (U.S. Sen. David Perdue talks gridlock in Washington at Augusta Exchange Club meeting, 9/1/2016)

Albany Herald: Budget Reform High on List of Priorities for David Perdue: Perdue said the biggest problem he has with the budgeting process currently employed by Congress is that the two parties only have to agree on the country’s discretionary spending, which he estimated at $1.1 trillion annually. Because the government’s total spending has increased from $2.4 trillion to $3.8 trillion in 15 years — despite a $350 billion reduction in discretionary spending during the last seven years due to cuts to both domestic programs and military spending through sequestration — it’s evident to Perdue and others on Capitol Hill that something isn’t working. (Budget reform high on list of priorities for David Perdue, 8/30/2016) 

WCTV: U.S. Sen. Perdue Speaks at Legislative Lunch in Valdosta: Perdue says he’s trying to break the gridlock in Washington. He stressed to voters about the importance of the upcoming election. “People in Valdosta and South Georgia need to take this presidential election very seriously”, says U.S. Sen. Perdue, (R) Georgia. “They need to get past any emotional issues and get at the main issues like the debt, the economy, and jobs. Focus on whether they’re better off now than they were eight years ago and whether they believe the current direction is good enough or if they’re willing to try a new direction.” (U.S. Sen. Perdue Speaks at Legislative Lunch in Valdosta, 8/25/2016) 

WMGT: Thousands Attend Annual Congressional Luncheon in Macon: A look into an economic crystal ball and Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue want leaders aware. “We’ve got a global security crisis. We’ve got a debt crisis. Right now, we’ve got to produce different results out of Washington,” Perdue said. (Thousands Attend Annual Congressional Luncheon in Macon, 8/23/2016) 

The Telegraph: Georgia Senator David Perdue: On Budget and Healthcare: “We focused these meetings on regional healthcare. From the big hospital providers, to the insurance providers, to the small town community hospitals. What I am hearing is that the pressure is on these small town hospitals from the Medicaid issue, but also to the payment under Obamacare that these small town hospitals are having to find somebody to come in and merge with them. That’s a very dangerous situation. You have the insurance companies who are trying to figure out how to get their rates, and the rate of a small town hospital, because it doesn’t have the overhead of a big hospital is different and so an MRI in Vienna, Georgia, may be different than one on Peachtree.” (Georgia Senator David Perdue: On Budget, Healthcare and Elections, 8/23/2016)

Gwinnett Daily Post: David Perdue Visits the Gwinnett Daily Post: “This economy should be bursting, and the reason it’s not is overregulation,” Perdue said. Among the regulations he mentioned is the Waters of the USA rule. This regulation has created worries among Gwinnett County officials because of the broad reach they fear the federal government could exert over small waterways currently governed by local officials. “We’ve pushed back and voted in the Senate, and again, it’s the president that is sitting there with a veto power,” Perdue said. (David Perdue Visits the Gwinnett Daily Post, 8/22/2016)

The Times: Sen. David Perdue: Economy Will Boom or Face Risk: Perdue also said the U.S. has “been invaded and is at war” because of homegrown terrorists. That is a first for the U.S., he said, and “the sooner we begin to deal with it, the better off we’re going to do.” Perdue added, “The world is a very dangerous place, maybe more dangerous than any time in my lifetime.”… Perdue said he took credit for introducing four new words to Washington — “we cannot afford it.” (Sen. David Perdue: Economy will boom or face risk, 8/22/2016)

Marietta Daily Journal: Senator Talks About Changing Direction of Country: “I got involved in 2013 because I felt like there was some way I could help change the direction of the country, and I’m not unrealistic, I know what we’re talking about on the budget is a big lift, I know that. In business it wouldn’t be. Up here in politics it is. I want to help do whatever I can to change the direction of the country.”(Senator Talks About Changing Direction of Country, 8/20/2016)  

Ledger-Enquirer: Georgia Senator Calls Current Time ‘A National Emergency’: “I honestly believe that we are at a moment of crisis — this is a national emergency,” Perdue said. The reasons are five-fold, according to the senator. “... We have a global security crisis that makes the Cold War pale in comparison,” Perdue said. “... We have Russia and China doing things that we would not have imagined them doing five or six years ago. ... (President Obama) has created a vacuum that has allowed ISIS to grow. ... The third thing is something we have not seen before, the growth of nuclear capabilities of rogue nations like North Korea and Iran. “The last two things are cyber warfare — we are standing up two cyberbrigades right now in Augusta — (and) the last is something that no one is talking about right now, the arms race in space.” (Georgia senator calls current time ‘a national emergency’, 8/19/2016)

WTVM: Sen. David Perdue Addresses Leadership Forum in Columbus: “I'd like to talk about the differences I see in Washington when it comes to leadership or the lack thereof,” Sen. Perdue said. “The second thing I want to do is just give you an update because it's ugly and I think we need to talk about it because it effects communities like Columbus.” During the tour, Sen. Perdue is providing an update on his work to advance Georgia's priorities in the U.S. Senate and break through the gridlock in Washington, DC. (Sen. David Perdue addresses leadership forum in Columbus, 8/19/2016) 

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Phoenix Air Expands Bio-Containment Niche: “The company displayed the new bio-containment system sitting inside a hangar during a visit by U.S. Sen. David Perdue to the air charter company’s facilities at the Cartersville airport. “This is remarkable, what’s going on here,” Perdue said. “I wanted to meet these guys who developed this capability.” The new bio-containment units for four patients, designed by research organization MRIGlobal, are significantly larger and sturdier than the smaller “tent” used to transport Ebola patients and Lassa patients inside a Gulfstream G3 jet. (Phoenix Air expands bio-containment niche, 8/17/2016)