Georgians Applaud Senator David Perdue’s Key Committee Assignments

Powerful Committees Give Georgia Priorities New Platform

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Key Georgia groups and industry leaders are applauding U.S. Senator David Perdue’s new committee assignments for the 115th Congress: Armed Services, Banking, Agriculture, and Budget. Senator Perdue’s role on these powerful committees puts him at the intersection of addressing our national debt crisis and global security crisis. Here’s what they are saying:

Defense Groups: Perdue Poised To Promote Defense Priorities

Governor’s Defense Initiative: “This appointment is the best news to come out of the new Congress for Georgia's military families, installations, and industry. Senator Perdue will have a strong voice on defense policy and key spending decisions from his seat on the Senate Armed Services Committee. He will bring a common sense approach to the issues and apply his much needed and strong business sense to improve the management of the Pentagon,” said Secretary William Ball, Director, Governor’s Defense Initiative and former Secretary of the U.S. Navy.

Georgia National Guard: “I am very glad to hear Senator Perdue will be serving on the Senate Armed Services Committee. His leadership and understanding of DOD enterprise requirements to mitigate the risks to our nation will enhance our military capabilities. Additionally, he has a great concern for our service men and women, their families and the sacrifices they all make to protect our freedom. His tireless efforts to support our nation's military will only increase with his membership on the SASC,” said Brigadier General Joe Jarrard, Adjutant General, Georgia National Guard. 

Business Leaders: Perdue Proven Champion for Common-Sense Reform 

Georgia Bankers Association President: “Georgia's bankers are looking forward to working with Senator Perdue as a member of the Senate Banking Committee. He's a proven champion for common-sense bank regulatory reform, and his ideas can really make a difference in getting capital flowing back onto Main Street. His perspective as a leader from a state with a diverse economy that includes a variety of cities, towns, and types of businesses served by an equally diverse group of banks can certainly shape legislation that will be helpful to our economy,” said Joe Brannen, President and CEO, Georgia Bankers Association.  

Georgia Bankers Association Chairman: “From the meetings I've attended with Senator Perdue during his term, it's clear he knows the direct link the banks serving Georgia's communities have with the financial wellbeing of families and businesses in their hometowns. Our customers rely on us for the safety of their money, access to credit that funds family dreams, business expansion and job growth. Senator Perdue gets that. He brings the right set of skills to the Senate Banking Committee that will help grow our economy,” said Richard E. Drews, Jr. Chairman, Georgia Bankers Association and CEO, Century Bank of Georgia in Cartersville, Georgia.

American Transaction Processors Coalition: “Senator Perdue’s real world business experience as an innovator and hands-on executive Fortune 500 CEO gives him a unique perspective for the Senate Banking Committee. He understands the hidden tax of unnecessary regulation and the onerous overreach of the Obama Administration. He will bring a breath of fresh air to entrepreneurs and innovators from one end of Transaction Alley to the other—and beyond,” said West Richards, Executive Director, American Transaction Processors Coalition representing more than 70 Georgia-based financial services technology companies.

Agriculture Community: Perdue Strong Voice For Georgia Farmers

American Farm Bureau Federation: “As a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Senator Perdue has helped provide sound and steady agriculture policy that empowers the innovation and productivity of Georgia agriculture. His work on behalf of Georgia’s farmers and ranchers has helped make Georgia the bread basket of the Southeast. That same dedication also will benefit farm and ranch families across our nation as Senator Perdue serves another term on this very important committee,” said Zippy Duvall, President, American Farm Bureau Federation.

Georgia Department of Agriculture: “We are fortunate to have Senator Perdue who understands that agriculture is a fundamental component of our overall economy. We look forward to his continued work on the Senate Agriculture Committee in giving a strong voice to Georgia’s farmers with his tireless efforts to relieve burdensome regulations and ensure our local farmers succeed in growing a strong Georgia,” said Gary Black, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Georgia Agribusiness Council: “We are very pleased Senator Perdue will continue to serve on the Senate Agriculture Committee. His leadership has proven invaluable on issues related to natural resource management, regulatory engagement, and evaluating the impact on farmers and agribusinesses here in Georgia and across America. Our nation has renewed faith in common-sense solutions to real world challenges and Senator Perdue brings the right perspective to deliver for American agriculture,” said Bryan Tolar, President, Georgia Agribusiness Council.

Fiscal Groups: Perdue Serious About Fixing Fiscal Issues 

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: “Senator Perdue has worked hard on the Senate Budget Committee to draw attention and find solutions to our nation’s fiscal challenges. While many lawmakers have chosen to bury their heads when it comes to these issues, Senator Perdue has shown courage and leadership and has been willing to stand up for what is right for the country - even when it’s not easy to do so. The longer we wait, the more severe and difficult the choices will be to fix the debt. Yet very few Members of Congress take this problem seriously and act with a sense urgency like Senator Perdue,” said Maya MacGuineas, President, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

Americans For Prosperity: “We applaud Senator Perdue for his past work in standing up for economic freedom issues in Congress. We look forward to working closely with him during this upcoming session on important issues such as promoting fiscal responsibility and reforming regulations,” said Christine Harbin, Director of Federal Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, Americans For Prosperity.