The most dangerous world I’ve ever lived in.

Our world is more dangerous today than any other time in my lifetime. Our men and women in uniform are constantly facing emerging threats from Iran, North Korea, China and Russia. Now, more than ever, it's important that we ensure our armed forces have all the resources they need to protect Americans at home and abroad. I'm proud to share that this week the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This year's NDAA includes a 3.1 percent pay raise for our troops -the highe… Continue Reading



A #PHIT you, is a healthier you. Having spent a portion of my career working in the fitness industry, I know how important exercise is to physical, mental, and emotional well-being. But whether it's gym memberships dues, your child's little league fees or cost for fitness equipment, physical activities can cost families a fortune. This week, I joined on to the PHIT Act, a bill that allows Americans to use pre-tax health care account funds to pay for physical activity expenses. The PHIT Act e… Continue Reading


3 things.

Here are a few things I didn't want you to miss: 1. Drug cartel business worth half a trillion dollars Five hundred billion. That's how much drug cartels bring in every year worldwide. This makes the cartel business bigger than Walmart. It's time to secure the border and put these cartels out of business. Watch my questioning in the Senate Drug Caucus here. 2. Senate confirms Decatur's own Judge J.P. Boulee Another Georgia judge has been confirmed to the federal bench. Judge J.P. Boul… Continue Reading


Enough excuses

Yesterday, I introduced my plan to fix our broken funding process. Since I came to the Senate, this has been one of my top priorities. Anyone can see that this process is dysfunctional. In the last 45 years, we've had 186 temporary funding bills, 21 shutdowns and only four times when the government has been fully funded, on time. My plan - the Fix Funding First Act - makes bold changes to the funding process: Changes fiscal year to match calendar year. Provides topline spending levels… Continue Reading


ICYMI: Politics has no place in disaster relief

In case you missed it... Politics has no place in disaster relief By U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) Today marks eight months since Hurricane Michael made landfall as a Category 5 hurricane. Hurricane Michael hit Southwest Georgia at exactly the time when most crops were ready for harvest. Peanuts, pecans, blueberries, cotton, poultry - nothing was spared. Agriculture is Georgia's top industry and our No. 1 economic driver. Before the hurricane, farmers were exp… Continue Reading


Good news

Yesterday, we brought good news to Georgia farmers impacted by Hurricane Michael: President Trump has signed the disaster relief bill into law. Governor Brian Kemp, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, and I talked with folks about what this relief will mean for their families and communities. Click here to watch a short recap video. Finally, after eight months, Georgia farmers and producers will have access to the resources they need to… Continue Reading


Disaster relief is on the way.

Yesterday, President Trump fulfilled his promise to help Georgia farmers and communities rebuild after Hurricane Michael's devastation. He signed a $19.1 billion disaster relief package into law - including $3 billion to cover agriculture losses. This is great news for Georgia and means our farmers and producers will finally have access to the resources they need to replant, rebuild, and recover. Disaster relief should never be a partisan issue. The American people need to know that we will h… Continue Reading


Announcing Class of 2023 Service Academy Appointees

There is no higher calling than serving our country in uniform. It was an honor to appoint 24 Georgia students to U.S. Service Academies for the Class of 2023. Each of these students has set a positive example for their communities and demonstrated the moral and ethical values it takes to succeed in our Armed Services. Their decision to attend one of our five service academies is a testament to their willingness to serve our country. I have no doubt they will rise to meet the challenges of … Continue Reading


Honoring Those Who Gave Their All

Memorial Day is a time to reflect, remember, and honor those who paid the ultimate price to protect America and defend freedom around the world. My father, David A. Perdue Sr., served in World War II and the Korean War. He taught me that no one understands the real price of freedom better than those who have served in uniform. It is because of their sacrifice that America is still a land of liberty and opportunity. It's humbling to know that while we honor those who gave their all, there are … Continue Reading


Cracking Down On Illegal Robocalls

Good news: The U.S. Senate took bipartisan action to crack down on illegal robocalls. I get robocalls too and know how disruptive they can be. Unfortunately, these calls have become an avenue for criminals to prey on innocent people. This step will help protect consumers and prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands. Learn more about how the TRACED Act will help here.… Continue Reading


Disaster Relief Bill Passes Senate

President Trump has broken through the gridlock to get disaster relief across the finish line. A bipartisan disaster relief package just passed the Senate 85-8. Finally, farmers in Georgia are closer than ever to getting the assistance they desperately need after Hurricane Michael. This package is a major win for farmers, families, and businesses who were devastated by floods, wildfires, and historic hurricanes across 12 states, Puerto Rico, and the Mariana Islands. However, the fact that it… Continue Reading


Optimism in America is back.

Optimism in America is back. After eight years of the lowest economic growth in U.S. history under President Obama, President Trump said that job one was to grow the economy. Guess what? After focusing on regulations, energy, taxes, and Dodd-Frank, we are now experiencing the greatest economic turnaround in U.S. history: The economy is growing at twice the rate as it did under President Obama. Over five million new jobs have been created. We have the highest middle-class income in U.S. h… Continue Reading


Working together

Here are a few things I thought you'd like to know: 1. Working Together Georgia's Historically Black Colleges and Universities are one of our state's greatest assets. In last year's Farm Bill, Congressman David Scott (D-GA-13) and I worked together to secure funding for agriculture scholarships at HBCUs across the country, including Fort Valley State University in middle Georgia. These scholarships are a great step forward and will help encourage diverse leadership in our agricultural commun… Continue Reading


What’s causing the delay in disaster relief

I wanted to share my recent op-ed about disaster relief in Fox News. Democrats ought to be ashamed of themselves for holding hostage farmers in the Southeast, fire victims in California, earthquake victims in Alaska, and flood victims in the upper Midwest. Senator Isakson and I are not giving up. We are going to continue this fight, and we will get it done. -David What's causing the delay in disaster relief? Here's what really happened behind closed doors By U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA… Continue Reading


Five-Alarm Crisis

Here are a few things I thought you'd like to know: 1. Five-Alarm Crisis There is a five-alarm crisis at the southern border. I've seen it firsthand. This is not just about illegal immigration or building the wall. It's about the explosion in illegal drug trafficking. We also need to close loopholes and get border patrol agents the resources they desperately need. President Trump knows that, and he's right to take action to protect the American people. Read more here. 2. Savannah Harbor F… Continue Reading


Quick update

Friend, I wanted to give you a quick update on disaster relief. This week, Senator Isakson and I, along with several other senators, introduced a bipartisan disaster relief package. President Trump has agreed to sign it. Our bill includes relief for agriculture and also provides additional funds for Georgia and other states like Florida, Alabama, the Carolinas, Alaska, Hawaii, and California that have battled natural disasters over the last year. It also builds on the Trump administration's p… Continue Reading


Enough is enough.

Here are a few things I thought you'd like to know: 1. Fighting For Disaster Relief Enough is enough. Georgia and other states across the country are hurting from historic hurricanes and devastating wildfires, and the federal government continues to drag its feet. When the Senate reconvenes, Senator Isakson and I will introduce a disaster relief package. Read more in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 2. Visiting The Border I recently visited the U.S.-Mexico border to see the national … Continue Reading


5 State Of The Union Takeaways

Last night, President Trump laid out a very powerful vision for our country that continues to build on the successes of the last two years. Here are 5 key takeaways from President Trump's State of the Union address: 1. Brighter Futures: Many Americans are seeing increased paychecks, more opportunities, and brighter futures for their families. The economy is growing at twice the rate it did under President Obama, and more than 5.3 million new jobs have been created. 2. Secure Borders: Presiden… Continue Reading


Super Bowl LIII

Here are a few highlights from this week: 1. Super Bowl LIII Super Bowl LIII is here. Atlanta has been preparing to host the big game for over two years, and we're excited to welcome millions to the best state in the country in which to do business. Here's a roundup of everything you need to know about the game. 2. Failed Socialist State What we're seeing in Venezuela is a failed socialist state. I give President Trump a lot of credit for standing up to Maduro's oppressive regime and … Continue Reading


2018 In Photos

Friend, I wanted to share some highlights from 2018. 1. March 29, 2018: Standing on the Broken Bridge in Dandong, China and looking across to North Korea. 2. May 10, 2018: Discussing the debt crisis with Washington Post's Erica Werner at the Peterson Foundation's Fiscal Summit. 3. May 15, 2018: Urging the Senate to cancel its scheduled August recess in order to confirm President Trump's nominees and fund the government before the end of the fiscal year. By working through August, the Sen… Continue Reading

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