Confirm Kavanaugh

Here are a few highlights from this week: 1. Confirm Kavanaugh The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the United States Supreme Court. Throughout his 32 hours of testimony, Judge Kavanaugh proved he is an independent, well-qualified nominee who will defend and uphold the Constitution. He has my full support. Watch highlights from Judge Kavanaugh's testimony here. 2. Pro-Growth Agenda Is Working Friday's jobs report shows the economy added … Continue Reading


Major Jobs Announcement

Here are a few highlights from last week: 1. Major Jobs Announcement Robins Air Force Base announced plans to hire 1,200 new employees in the next 12 months. This is tremendous news and a testament to Robins' success. If you or someone you know are interested in working at Robins, visit Watch coverage of the announcement here. 2. Transcend Party Lines Judge Kavanaugh's outstanding qualifications for the United States Supreme Court transcend party lines. He has my… Continue Reading


A Booming Economy

Here are a few things I thought you'd like to know: 1. A Booming Economy 4.1% GDP growth in the second quarter clearly demonstrates that President Trump's economic agenda is working. He said job one was growing the economy. His strategy included undoing regulations, releasing our energy potential, changing the tax system, and rolling back parts of Dodd-Frank. These efforts are generating much-needed economic growth that is a crucial part of solving our national debt crisis. Read more in F… Continue Reading


A Long-Term Future For Robins Air Force Base & U.S. National Defense

In case you missed it... A Long-Term Future For Robins Air Force Base And U.S. National Defense By U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) July 26, 2018 I grew up in Warner Robins, Georgia. As a member of the United States Senate Armed Services Committee and a former member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I know that Robins Air Force Base is an integral piece of our country's national security. Since 1996, Robins has been home to the Joint Surveillance and Tar… Continue Reading


Meeting With Judge Kavanaugh

Here are a few things I thought you might be interested in: 1. Meeting With Judge Kavanaugh After meeting with Judge Kavanaugh, I have no doubt that the is exactly the kind of justice we need on the U.S. Supreme Court. He has my strongest support. Read more about Judge Kavanaugh's stellar career in the Marietta Daily Journal. 2. Hometown BBQ My cousin, Sonny, and I traveled across Georgia last week to hear from farmers and growers and talk about President Trump's agenda. Along the way, … Continue Reading


Georgia Ag Tour

Here are a few highlights from this week: 1. Georgia Ag Tour It was great to have Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue back in Georgia on Friday. We toured Lewis Taylor Farms in Tifton, participated in a stakeholder meeting at Georgia Forestry Association's headquarters in Forsyth, and met with researchers at UGA Griffin's Turfgrass and Weed Science facility. Watch a recap video of our day here. 2. Judge Brett Kavanaugh On Monday, President Trump put forth an outstanding nominee to ser… Continue Reading


Monday at 9PM

Here are a few things I thought you would like to know: 1. Monday at 9PM President Trump plans to announce his nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday at 9PM. I'm confident he will make an outstanding choice, just like he did with Justice Gorsuch. Watch the announcement here. 2. Returning Home On the eve of Independence Day, over 200 soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade returned to Fort Stewart after a nine month deployment to Afghanistan. I join all Georgian… Continue Reading


Happy Independence Day

Today, we celebrate America's 242nd birthday. Against all odds, our founding mothers and fathers won the fight for our independence and built a government like nothing the world had ever seen before. This freedom came at a high price, and the fight continues today. Click here to watch my Independence Day message. Thank you to our soldiers overseas and their families here at home for serving our country and defending freedom around the world. May God bless you and your family, our women … Continue Reading


Supreme Court News

Here are a few highlights from this week: 1. Nominating A New Supreme Court Justice I join the nation in wishing Justice Kennedy all the best as he retires from the Supreme Court. President Trump made a fantastic choice with Justice Gorsuch, and I'm confident he will make another outstanding nomination. We will get that person confirmed. Click here to watch my interview about this with WRDW in Augusta. 2. Farm Bill Is A Jobs Bill I've traveled across Georgia to hear from farmers and sta… Continue Reading


Robins is a force today and will be tomorrow. Here's why.

I wanted to make sure you saw my recent column in The Telegraph. This month, the Air Force announced it will locate a new battlefield management mission at Robins Air Force Base. This additional mission at Robins will play a critical role in fulfilling our national defense strategy and ensure Robins is a force for decades to come. -David Robins is a force today and will be tomorrow. Here's why. By U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) June 24, 2018 Since 1941, Robins A… Continue Reading


Keeping Families Together & Enforcing Our Laws

Here are a few things I thought you would like to know: 1. Keeping Families Together& Enforcing Our Law A group of senators and I have introduced a solution to fix current law so families remain together while parents go through immigration proceedings. Our plan: Keeps families together while adults are prosecuted for illegally entering the U.S. Increases bed space in family residential facilities Authorizes hiring an additional 225 immigration judges to quickly process c… Continue Reading


Huge Win

Here are a few things I thought you might want to know: 1. Georgia's Ag Industry Agriculture is Georgia's #1 industry. It's both a business and a way of life for many in our state. We were able to secure a number of provisions important to Georgia in the 2018 Farm Bill that will help our peanut and cotton farmers, pecan growers, and timber industry. Learn more from WJCL. 2. Huge Win This week, it was announced that the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project will receive the federal funding i… Continue Reading


Rising Global Influence

Here are a few highlights from this week: 1. Rising Global Influence Today, I spoke at the Faith& Freedom Coalition Conference about China's rising global influence. Generations of foreign policy experts thought giving China access to our markets would make the country freer, lean toward our values, and more capitalistic. Well, they have all been very wrong. Watch the speech here. 2. Pulling The Plug On August Recess Our concerns were taken into consideration, and the U.S. Senate ha… Continue Reading


Atlanta's Best Lunch

Here are a few things I thought you might want to see: 1. Chili Dogs& Frosted Oranges I recently sat down with Vinnie Politan from 11Alive News for a couple chili dogs and an FO at The Varsity. We talked about what it's like being an outsider in Washington and breaking through gridlock to get things done. Watch our conversation here. 2. Growing The Economy President Trump said job one was growing our economy. He's taken action on regulations, energy, and taxes, and we're seeing real… Continue Reading


Veterans Expo On Friday

Members of my team, along with other offices from the Georgia congressional delegation, are hosting a job fair and interview skills workshop for veterans in your area. My team will also be available to assist veterans and their families with a variety of issues from veterans affairs, to obtaining visas and passports, filing Social Security claims, and navigating federal agencies. Our women and men in uniform have made incredible sacrifices for our nation, and our team stands ready to serve the… Continue Reading


A Strong Message

Here are a few highlights from this week: 1. Major Bipartisan Action I was proud to join President Trump at the White House as he signed a significant rollback of Dodd-Frank regulations into law. This is a big win for Main Street and will continue to unleash economic growth across America. Read more about this major bipartisan action in the Atlanta Business Chronicle. 2. A Strong Message Yesterday, President Trump sent a strong message to North Korea. We want to have an open dialogue an… Continue Reading


Working Nights & Weekends

Here are a few things I thought you might want to know: 1. Make Congress Work Again President Trump said he would never sign another massive, last-minute funding bill like the omnibus again, but Congress hasn't gotten the message. Washington is spiraling towards another 11th-hour spending battle. We must take action now to overcome obstruction and fund the government on time. Read more in my column with Jenny Beth Martin in the Washington Examiner. 2. Our Letter Last week, 15 senators a… Continue Reading


Work Comes Before Recess

Here are a few articles about our efforts to #MakeCongressWorkAgain that I thought you might want to see: 1. Work Comes Before Recess "If you don't work, you really can't take a break. That's basically the message U.S. Sen. David Perdue is sending to Congress. He wants to see more of President Donald Trump's nominees move through the confirmation pipeline and says there also needs to be some progress made on spending bills. Only then should Congress take its annual August recess. 'We are wil… Continue Reading



President Trump said he would never sign another massive, last-minute spending bill like the omnibus again. Congress only has 67 days to get next year's funding bill to President Trump's desk. We need to take action now so President Trump is not jammed with another bad funding deal. We ought to work as long as it takes -- including nights, weekends, and through the August recess if necessary -- to get funding done and make progress on the backlog of nominees. I'm leading this effort, and Whit… Continue Reading


Make Congress Work Again

Congress must act with a sense of urgency to fund the government on-time and get President Trump's team in place. We should be willing to work 24/7 and through the August recess if necessary to complete these items. I'm leading this effort in the Senate, and this morning, I joined Fox& Friends to discuss our push to break through the gridlock and #MakeCongressWorkAgain. The time to act is now. Let's make Congress work again.… Continue Reading

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