Atlanta's Best Lunch

Here are a few things I thought you might want to see: 1. Chili Dogs& Frosted Oranges I recently sat down with Vinnie Politan from 11Alive News for a couple chili dogs and an FO at The Varsity. We talked about what it's like being an outsider in Washington and breaking through gridlock to get things done. Watch our conversation here. 2. Growing The Economy President Trump said job one was growing our economy. He's taken action on regulations, energy, and taxes, and we're seeing real… Continue Reading


Veterans Expo On Friday

Members of my team, along with other offices from the Georgia congressional delegation, are hosting a job fair and interview skills workshop for veterans in your area. My team will also be available to assist veterans and their families with a variety of issues from veterans affairs, to obtaining visas and passports, filing Social Security claims, and navigating federal agencies. Our women and men in uniform have made incredible sacrifices for our nation, and our team stands ready to serve the… Continue Reading


A Strong Message

Here are a few highlights from this week: 1. Major Bipartisan Action I was proud to join President Trump at the White House as he signed a significant rollback of Dodd-Frank regulations into law. This is a big win for Main Street and will continue to unleash economic growth across America. Read more about this major bipartisan action in the Atlanta Business Chronicle. 2. A Strong Message Yesterday, President Trump sent a strong message to North Korea. We want to have an open dialogue an… Continue Reading


Working Nights & Weekends

Here are a few things I thought you might want to know: 1. Make Congress Work Again President Trump said he would never sign another massive, last-minute funding bill like the omnibus again, but Congress hasn't gotten the message. Washington is spiraling towards another 11th-hour spending battle. We must take action now to overcome obstruction and fund the government on time. Read more in my column with Jenny Beth Martin in the Washington Examiner. 2. Our Letter Last week, 15 senators a… Continue Reading


Work Comes Before Recess

Here are a few articles about our efforts to #MakeCongressWorkAgain that I thought you might want to see: 1. Work Comes Before Recess "If you don't work, you really can't take a break. That's basically the message U.S. Sen. David Perdue is sending to Congress. He wants to see more of President Donald Trump's nominees move through the confirmation pipeline and says there also needs to be some progress made on spending bills. Only then should Congress take its annual August recess. 'We are wil… Continue Reading



President Trump said he would never sign another massive, last-minute spending bill like the omnibus again. Congress only has 67 days to get next year's funding bill to President Trump's desk. We need to take action now so President Trump is not jammed with another bad funding deal. We ought to work as long as it takes -- including nights, weekends, and through the August recess if necessary -- to get funding done and make progress on the backlog of nominees. I'm leading this effort, and Whit… Continue Reading


Make Congress Work Again

Congress must act with a sense of urgency to fund the government on-time and get President Trump's team in place. We should be willing to work 24/7 and through the August recess if necessary to complete these items. I'm leading this effort in the Senate, and this morning, I joined Fox& Friends to discuss our push to break through the gridlock and #MakeCongressWorkAgain. The time to act is now. Let's make Congress work again.… Continue Reading


Georgia Businesses

Here are a few things I thought you might want to see: 1. Aflac Visit On Thursday, Congressman Drew Ferguson and I visited Aflac's world headquarters in Columbus to meet with employees and hear about the positive impact tax cuts are having on their business, workers, and community. Watch a quick recap of our visit here. 2. Competing With China The United States has been a consistently dominant economic force in the world for over a century, but China is catching up. We must not be comp… Continue Reading


FW: A Confident & Growing U.S. Economy

I just got this email from the White House and wanted to share it with you. When President Trump was elected, he made it clear that job one was growing the economy. Thanks to historic tax cuts and President Trump's actions on energy and regulations, we're beginning to see a real economic turnaround. -David THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 3, 2018 A CONFIDENT AND GROWING UNITED STATES ECONOMY Recent headlines and articles trumpet the good news: … Continue Reading


Our New Secretary Of State

Friend, Here are a few highlights from this week: 1. Our New Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo was sworn in this week as our new Secretary of State. He hit the ground running and has already traveled to Brussels to meet with our NATO allies. I sat down with Secretary Pompeo this week and know President Trump and the American people will be well-served with him as our chief diplomat. Click here to view photos of our meeting. 2. Farm Bill Priorities Today, we held a round table discussion … Continue Reading


North Korea's Back Against The Wall

Friend, Here are a few things I thought you might want to know: 1. North Korea's Back Against The Wall President Trump has established what was missing from U.S. policy toward North Korea for years: Credibility for the threat of use of force. Thanks to strong sanctions against North Korea, Kim Jong-Un's back is against the wall and it appears he's beginning to realize the weakness of his position. Read more in my column for Fox News. 2. Leveling The Playing Field President Trump has g… Continue Reading


Americans Are Winning Again

Friend, I thought you might be interested in reading President Trump's Tax Day op-ed in USA Today. His agenda is working, and our economy is in the midst of a turnaround. -David America's economy is back and roaring and its people are winning By President Donald J. TrumpApril 17, 2018 Tuesday is a day hardworking Americans may dread more than any other. Tax Day. A day that individuals and families, small business owners and part-time workers struggle to conquer a burdensome, complex and ext… Continue Reading


240 Breaches

Friend, Here are a few things I thought you'd like to know: 1. Your Data At Risk A rogue government agency called the CFPB collects data on your everyday financial transactions. I've been calling this out for years and heard more alarming news this week. The CFPB admitted it has been hacked 240 times and potentially 800 more, putting your personal information at risk. I'm very concerned about this, and you should be too. Read more in the Washington Free Beacon. 2. North Korea Connected To… Continue Reading


500 and counting

Friend, Here are a few things I thought you might want to see: 1. 500 And Counting Over 500 businesses have announced employee bonuses, wage hikes, or 401(k) match increases as a result of the historic tax cuts signed into law in December, impacting 4 million Americans to date. Check out Americans for Tax Reform's list of businesses (including many based in Georgia) sharing the benefits of tax cuts here. 2. Freeing Up Capital The U.S. Senate recently passed a major bipartisan rollback … Continue Reading


I voted against the massive "omnibus" spending bill.

Friend, I voted against the massive "omnibus" spending bill. Washington has reached a new low. We are six months into this fiscal year and just now voted on funding for the remainder of it. Not to mention, this is after two shutdowns and five continuing resolutions. This is beyond pathetic. This spending bill is not a product that represents everybody. It's a product written by a few politicians who got in a room and decided how to spend a trillion dollars. The result is a massive spending p… Continue Reading


Vice President Pence Visiting Savannah

Friend, Here are a few highlights from this week: 1. Vice President Pence Visiting Savannah Vice President Mike Pence will visit Savannah tomorrow to participate in the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. We're excited to have the Vice President and his family join this proud tradition in our state's oldest city. Read more about his trip in The Savannah Morning News. 2. Freeing Up Capital On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate passed a major bipartisan rollback of onerous Dodd-Frank regulations. T… Continue Reading


Major Bipartisan Action

Friend, Here are a few things I thought you might be interested in: 1. Major Bipartisan Action The United States Senate is taking major bipartisan action to roll back Dodd-Frank regulations hamstringing local banks, credit unions, and regional banks. These banks had nothing to do with the financial crisis in 2008, and removing these regulatory barriers will help free up capital in Georgia. Read more in Metro Atlanta CEO. 2. Overhauling Washington's Budget Process Georgia is well-repre… Continue Reading


Real Consequences

Friend, Here are a few highlights from this week: 1. Real Consequences Washington needs to put in place a politically-neutral platform to fund the government on time every year, just like every other entity in the world does. If Congress fails to get the job done, real consequences must be imposed on lawmakers. Read more in the Washington Examiner. 2. Georgians Leading The Way The Senate confirmed Judge Lisa Branch from Atlanta to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Cir… Continue Reading


Business Insider: Meet Trump's Man In The Senate

In case you missed it... Meet Trump's favorite senator -- the man he calls before dawn and after midnight and has given one of his 'highest accolades' Business Insider By Joe Perticone and Allan Smith February 27, 2018 David Perdue never held political office prior to becoming a senator from Georgia, serving as a CEO of major companies like Reebok. Perdue maintains a strong and candid relationship with President Donald Trump. Perdue serves as a bridge between S… Continue Reading


ICYMI: Tax Cuts Are Helping Georgians

Tax Cuts Are Helping Georgians By U.S. Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue The tax cuts passed by the U.S. Senate and signed into law by President Donald J. Trump are already having a positive impact across the country. Businesses are investing in our economy again. More than 3 million Americans have received bonuses. Wages are rising at their highest ratein eight years. Here in Georgia, we are seeing this positive impact firsthand. In Marietta, Expanded Technolog… Continue Reading

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