Glimmer Of Hope

Friend, Here are three things I've been working on that I thought you might be interested in: 1. One Step Closer To Tax Let's be very clear: The budget the U.S. Senate passed last night is a sham. The entire budget process is a fraud being perpetrated on the American people. Only four times in the past 43 years has it fully worked to fund the government on time. The only reason I went along with this process is to get tax done this year. Job one is getting the economy going, and the economy w… Continue Reading


My Pledge

The U.S. Senate is being disrupted by historic obstruction. We must be willing to change how things operate in order to get results. Today, I pledged to work around the clock if the Senate is turned on full time, 24/7, until the end of the year. This pledge was signed by 10 other senators, too. We've got to turn the Senate on full time so we can confirm more of President Trump's nominees and act on key agenda items, like fixing the tax code and funding the federal government. I'm also commi… Continue Reading


3 Things You Should Know

Friend, Here are three things I've been working on that I thought you might be interested in: 1. Pro-Worker, Pro-Growth, And Proven To Work A RAISE Up: Merit-based Immigration By Senator David Perdue President Trump wants to fix our broken immigration system. Tom Cotton and I agree. We have a plan to fix it called the RAISE Act. It's pro-worker, pro-growth, and proven to work. It will create jobs, protect American workers, give immigrants a decent shot at rising up the economic ladder, an… Continue Reading


Greatest Threat To Our National Security

Friend, You elected me as an outsider to Washington, and that hasn't changed. Despite the noise coming out of Washington, I'm focused on changing the direction of our country. Here's an update on what I've been working on this week: 1. Greatest Threat To Our National Security Rising Debt is greatest national security threat. Here's how to fix it. By Senator David Perdue Great nations fall over time when they allow fiscal and economic issues to spiral past the tipping point of a crisis. A… Continue Reading


ICYMI: The Afghanistan Strategy We’ve Been Waiting For

I wanted to share my recent commentary on my top priorities in the U.S. Senate. Thanks, The Afghanistan Strategy We've Been Waiting For By Sen. David Perdue Defense News It's refreshing that we now have a commander-in-chief who listens to his military leaders and understands we need a better, wiser approach in Afghanistan. He has given us a clear mission, spelled out what will define victory, and given us a broader sense of how to engage the region in a productive dialogue. Read mo… Continue Reading


Historic Opportunity

Friends, We have an historic opportunity to change our tax code. An opportunity to lift up American families stretching their paychecks. An opportunity to defend American workers against unfair competition. An opportunity to unleash our full economic potential. In the 1980s, the United States lowered our corporate tax rate to one of the lowest in the world and our economy grew dramatically. As a result, other countries reduced their corporate tax rates. However, we didn't keep up. Today, t… Continue Reading


Resources To Have On Hand

First responders and local officials are working around the clock to assess damages from Hurricane Irma and get our communities up and running again. While they complete this work, please stay off the roads until local officials give the all-clear. As you assess the damages to your home and property, here are some helpful resources to have on hand: View up-to-date emergency declarations from Governor Deal here. Report a power outage by contacting your power provider. The two main providers… Continue Reading


Evacuation Details

As Hurricane Irma gets closer to making landfall in the U.S., I wanted to share an update on resources available to those of you seeking shelter. I cannot stress enough: Hurricane Irma is powerful and deadly. If you are in the evacuation zone, please get to a safe area. View evacuation routes here or on the image below. Beginning at 8 a.m. on Saturday, September 9, ALL I-16 lanes will travel westbound. Check real-time traffic updates here. If you have been evacuated, view a list of s… Continue Reading


Preparing For Hurricane Irma

As Georgians brace for the impact of Hurricane Irma, I wanted to make sure you have this important information. Beginning Saturday morning, a mandatory evacuation is in place for Chatham County, all areas east of I-95, and some areas west of I-95. These areas are highlighted in yellow below. For your safety and for the safety of our first responders, please take this storm seriously. If you live in the evacuation zone, please follow instructions from local authorities and move to a safe are… Continue Reading


Introducing The RAISE Act

President Trump and I have a plan to fix our immigration system. Our plan is pro-worker. It creates a skills-based immigration system that will raise wages for American workers and meet the needs of our economy. Our plan is pro-growth. It welcomes talented individuals from around the world who wish to come to the United States legally to contribute to our economy. It does not touch temporary work visas regularly used in the agriculture, tourism, and hospitality industries. Our plan is prove… Continue Reading


The Next Step

Today, Senate Republicans took the next step to protect people from Obamacare's failures. Despite the continued stream of misinformation from Democrats, Obamacare is collapsing under its own weight. Soon, the very people who need help the most will lose their insurance. Here in Georgia, because of Obamacare: 96 of 159 counties only have one health care provider, Premiums have risen more than 105%, More than 300,000 Georgians do not have access to affordable insurance today. This faile… Continue Reading

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