ICYMI: President Obama's Last State of the Union

This week, President Obama delivered his last State of the Union Address to Congress. While he promised change, Georgians have seen our country headed in the wrong direction. 

Here are only a few highlights of President Obama's failed economic and foreign policies:

  • Ballooned national debt to $19 trillion undermining our national security. 
  • Increased health care premiums and deductibles under Obamacare.
  • Pushed dangerous nuclear Iran deal on the American people. 

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@sendavidperdue: Under Obama #nationaldebt has ballooned from $10 trillion to almost $19 trillion. #SOTU

@sendavidperdue: Washington can’t spend its way out of #nationaldebt crisis. RT if you agree. #SOTU

@sendavidperdue: Time for U.S. to lead an allied approach to destroy ISIS once& for all. #SOTU

@sendavidperdue: President promised to bring us together, but he has done more to divide us as a country. #SOTU

There is no denying it. Under this President's failed leadership, the American people have had a tough several years.

We can tackle the national debt, save Social Security and Medicare, and defeat terrorism. But we cannot do it without bold leadership.

God Bless,