Direct from David: It's Time For A Real Budget Debate

Like you, I am fed up with the constant gridlock and lack of leadership in Washington.

You and your families budget for your households and businesses, and can’t spend more money than you take in. The federal government should not be any different.

Since my first day as your Senator, I worked to produce a responsible budget that represents Georgians’ priorities, outlines conservative principles, and sets clear spending limits. It also cut $7 trillion dollars from President Obama’s budget request.

The Senate then used this budget as a roadmap to produce 12 funding bills that are ready to go forward now, but Senate Democrats continue to act as a roadblock in Washington.

Last week, I called on Senate Democrats to stop this political brinkmanship and allow debate on the American people's priorities.


Watch my full floor speech here.

This week, the Senate passed a temporary short-term bill, or continuing resolution, to keep the government functioning despite Democratic opposition. This interim step gives Congress additional time to responsibly move forward with the budget and appropriations process.

This is certainly not the end of the budget debate, but it should not have been the beginning either.

Stand with me as I urge Senate Democrats to stop blocking progress and allow a vote on the bills that represent Georgians’ priorities and the priorities of the American people.

God Bless,