Direct From David: Change In Direction


Today marks President Trump’s 100th day in office. We've come a long way from the failed policies of the past, but there is still more work to be done. 

Turnarounds are messy. Turnarounds take time. Turnarounds break eggs early on. As a business guy, I can tell you a successful turnaround starts with a serious change in direction, and President Trump is doing just that. 

If you have a few moments, take a look at these highlights of the Trump Administration's First 100 Days.

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Renewing American Optimism

“Consumer confidence, and I’ve watched this all my life, is actually up. It’s the highest it has been in 20 years. CEO confidence is up. Why is that? They are hopeful that we are actually going to break through on regulation, which they see happening right now, that we will end up with a relatively good tax package that will create a level playing field with the rest of the world, and we will solve this health care disaster that we are sitting here with and move forward.”  (CNBC, 4/27/17)


Removing Onerous Regulations

“This President is serious about rolling back the more onerous regulations that have sucked the very life out of our free-enterprise system. They are looking at a President who is talking about doing the things we have been talked about for decades, including cleaning up our tax system and becoming more competitive with the rest of the world.” (CNN, 4/26/17)

Fox News

Turning Around Washington

“We all know Washington does not like change. People are inherently adverse to change. Change is hard to visualize or even accept until it has already happened. Washington needs a complete turnaround and President Trump is in a position to help make that change stick. I’ve been through tough turnarounds in my business career. This one, like most, is not always pretty, but I like what I’m seeing so far. There’s much more that must be done, though.” (Fox News, 4/27/17)

Judge Neil Gorsuch

Confirming U.S. Supreme Court Justice

“Judge Gorsuch has led a remarkable career in both the public and private sectors, and has demonstrated a keen understanding and appreciation of the law. He has impeccable academic and judicial records, and is a mainstream judge who knows his role is to interpret the law, not make the law.” (The Marietta Daily Journal, 2/26/17)