Committee Work

Armed Services

The women and men who serve in uniform represent the very best of America. It is our responsibility to make sure our troops have the tools they need to defend our nation against evolving threats. In order to rebuild our military after years of disinvestment, we must continue to modernize our capabilities, improve readiness, and increase accountability at the Department of Defense.

Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee

Overregulation has sucked the very life out of our free-enterprise system. By rolling back confusing and often contradictory regulations, and undoing the most onerous parts of Dodd-Frank, we’ve begun freeing up trapped capital and started to put it to work in our economy. These efforts are making banks work for average Americans and generating much-needed economic growth to help solve our national debt crisis.

Budget Committee

Washington is locked in a cycle of continuing resolutions and last-minute spending deals. This is totally irresponsible. We need a politically-neutral platform to fund the government on time, every year. Fixing the funding process alone will not solve our debt crisis, but we won’t solve this debt crisis until we fix our broken funding process.

Foreign Relations Committee

With a myriad of threats around the globe, the world needs America’s leadership. After years of disengagement and failed foreign policy under the previous administration, President Trump has reengaged with the rest of the world. We have made it clear that America’s national security comes first, but America first does not mean America alone. Defense, development, and diplomacy go hand-in-hand and are key components of an effective national security strategy.